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Teacher Feature: Hilary Daigre

A Shout-Out to My Team

By First Grade Teacher Hilary Daigre

In the spirit of “Be Together, Not the Same,” and with football season now in full swing, I began to think about my First Grade teammates. In my opinion, the similarities between some of the roles on a football team and the roles my teammates play each day are comparable. To my teaching team, I would like to give this shout-out.

Kim is our quarterback and team captain. Not only is she responsible for receiving the “plays” and communicating them to us, but also she is always lifting us up with encouraging words and bright spots that she observes. Kim, your leadership is admirable and appreciated.

Julianne and Paul support us as wide receivers, willing to run pass routes and get open for a pass each and every time. They consistently catch these “passes” for the team, volunteering to take on a task thrown from the QB or the “coaches.” Julianne and Mr. P, what you do and give to this team is invaluable.

Mary Catherine and Katie are our five-star recruits. Mary Catherine is coming at us locked and loaded with several years of Orton-Gillingham experience, as well as a sweet disposition that will put anyone in a good mood. Katie has jumped right into the lineup with both feet and hasn’t skipped a beat. To me, their transitions have been seamless, and it is an added bonus that both are seasoned teammates. MC and Katie, we are lucky to have you!

The offensive line’s main job is to block. Sarah is right there on the o-line, blocking negativity with her positive aura and sense of humor. Not only does she offer her expertise as a yogi to students and teammates alike, but also she habitually keeps the positive vibes flowing and brings a sense of calm wherever she goes. Sarah, Namaste.

Although we all support one another, Michelle, Rebecca, and Helen are our cheerleaders. Michelle is constantly sharing resources, offering up any available time she has to assist with activities in the classrooms, and cheering us on as we dive headfirst into Lucy Calkin’s Units of Study for Reading and Writing. Rebecca continuously shares her fresh ideas, technology expertise, and amazing costume selection with the team (you didn’t think Paul bought that Richard Simmons wig last year, did you?). Among other things, Helen builds close, personal relationships with her teammates. She is always asking about our families and lends an ear when we just need someone to listen. “Ladies, a cheer in your honor. Awesome! Oh wow! Like totally freak me out! I mean, right on! Your gusto sure is number one!”

In case you’re wondering, no, I am not wearing eye black and a helmet as I hover over my laptop, but I am proud (and thankful) to be a part of a team that works hard for our students and for the betterment of Trinity School every day. The notion of “Be Together, Not the Same” really resonated with me during Pre-Planning, and while this is simply one way of looking at this idea, it is a way that I wanted to share with you.
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