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Sustainability at Trinity

Trinity’s Sustainability Program Helps Our Planet Flourish

At Trinity School, sustainability is a part of our daily operations and activities both on and off campus. Under the guidance of the School's long-term sustainability plan, the Trinity community is committed to providing ongoing education and awareness of the role we play in promoting and supporting a sustainable world.
Trinity’s sustainability program focuses on several areas, including the following.
  • Climate Protection: Clean Air Campaign and Emissions Reduction
  • Sustainable Facilities: Procurement of Goods and Materials, Landscaping, Grounds, and Construction
  • Waste Reduction: Food Waste Reduction and Recycling
  • Water and Energy Conservation
Throughout each school year, Trinity’s Sustainability Committee—comprised of parents, teachers, administrators, and students—is focused on driving awareness and encouraging sustainable actions within these areas. 

EnviroTips and Sustainability Superheroes

In the classroom, Trinity students are educated on the importance of a sustainable planet and how they can make a difference every day. Students then share this information on EnviroTips, a regular segment on Trinity TV, a broadcast created by the Sixth Graders for the Trinity community. Additionally, students participate in Sustainability Superhero segments that are featured on Trinity TV.

    • Sustainability Program: TTV EnviroTips
    • Sustainability Program: TTV EnviroTips
    • Sustainability Program: TTV EnviroTips
    • Sustainability Program: TTV EnviroTips
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