An elementary-only independent school located in Atlanta, serving children ages three through Sixth Grade since 1951.

The Learning Team

The Learning Team’s ultimate goal is to help their students become academically independent and confident learners.
Trinity’s Learning Team provides specialized one-on-one and small-group instruction for students with learning differences, providing another layer of individualized support to help them become academically independent and confident learners.
While all students benefit from differentiated instruction, our Learning Team Specialists are here to support all learning and academic needs, whether your child is learning to read, strengthening math fluency, preparing for a test, or developing organizational strategies.
In addition to working with students individually and in small groups, the Learning Team partners with teachers and parents at all grade levels. These specialists often work in the classroom to support teachers, help with differentiated instruction, review accommodations, and identify additional ways to teach concepts to students with varying learning needs.
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