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Endowment Funds

In Support of Faculty

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  • The Chambers Medical Foundation Fund for Faculty Excellence

    Established in 2018 by a gift from The Chambers Medical Foundation, The Chambers Medical Foundation Fund for Faculty Excellence awards exceptional faculty members grants to pursue professional development that will enable him or her to bring new and innovative teaching practices back to the classroom.

    Recent Chambers Medical Foundation Fund Recipient:
    2019: Becky Maas
  • The Childress Family Fund for Faculty Excellence

    Established by the Childress family in 2013, The Childress Family Fund for Faculty Excellence supports faculty members in their professional growth and development. Awards presented each year give faculty members the opportunity to pursue an innovative program to increase awareness, knowledge, and proficiency or insight that will be applied in the classroom and shared with Trinity colleagues.

    Recent Childress Family Fund Recipients:
    2021: Ali Avery, Hunter Branch, Julia Lee, Rachel Walker
    2019: Ali Avery, Claire Cagle, Michelle Perry
    Brooke Kelly, Kristi Story, and the Fifth Grade Base Lead Team (Thomas Benefield, Bridget Billups, Kathy Bruyn, Laura McRae)

  • The Hartman Family Fund for Faculty Excellence

    Established by Nathan Hartman in 2018, The Hartman Family Fund for Faculty Excellence recognizes and awards faculty members who go above and beyond to provide exceptional service to Trinity School.

    Recent Hartman Family Fund Recipients:
    2021: Jackie Sears and Robin Martin
    2020: Kelly Williams
    2019: Grace Riley
  • The Regal Family Fund for Faculty Support

    Established in 2012 by Kelly and Toby Regal, The Regal Family Fund for Faculty Support enhances faculty salaries and compensation to ensure that Trinity is positioned to attract and retain the nation’s best teachers.
  • Rollins Quest for Excellence Grant

    Established by the Rollins family through the Gary W. Rollins Foundation, the Rollins Quest for Excellence Grant recognizes and awards faculty and staff members for excellent performance and loyalty of service.

    Recent Rollins Quest for Excellence Grant Recipients:
    2021-22: Sarah Morgan Bonham, Debbie Bright, Nicole Fash, Will Hutchinson, Karen Johnson, Erica Pendleton, Michelle Siegel, Leisy Stevenson 
    2020-21: Lauren Darden, Monique Hickey, Laura Jannausch, Laura McRae, April Patton, Abbie Shaw, Kristi Story, Gale Weber
    2019-20: Thomas Benefield, Karen Boykins, Hilary Daigre, Becky Holden, Lauren Kane, Thalia Scott, Jennifer Tran

  • The Stephen G. Kennedy Fund for Faculty Excellence

    Established in 2012 to honor Stephen Kennedy’s 11 years of service as Head of School, this fund recognizes excellence in teaching, specifically honoring teachers who are utilizing innovative best practices to nurture the development of key 21st century learning skills and competencies.

    Recent Stephen G. Kennedy Fund Recipients:
    2021-22: Claire Snyder
    2020-21: Kerry Coote
    2019-20: Katherine Anderson

  • Teacher Opportunity Fund

    The Teacher Opportunity Fund annually awards faculty members the opportunity to pursue travel and exploration for curriculum enhancement.

    Recent Teacher Opportunity Fund Recipients:
    2021-22: Laura English and Pat Kerner
    2019-20: Kate Burton and Phyllis Sommer
    2018-19: Monique Hickey and Caroline Tritschler

Trinity’s faculty is one of its greatest assets--they lie at the heart of what defines the excellence that is Trinity School. Endowment funds in support of faculty help Trinity attract, retain, and develop outstanding employees through increasing faculty compensation and professional development opportunities.

In Support of Financial Assistance

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  • Carol and George Overend Scholarship Fund

    The Overend Scholarship Fund was created by two friends of the Overend family to recognize Carol and George’s leadership support of Trinity School.
  • Financial Assistance Fund

    The Financial Assistance Fund was established by an Atlanta foundation with a $300,000 grant for permanent endowment. The Fund has grown over the years through additional individual contributions.
  • The Alex Morrell Scholarship Fund

    The Alex Morrell Scholarship Fund was established by the Trinity Class of 2004 in memory of former classmate Alex Morrell.
  • The Allison Williams Scholarship Fund

    Established in 2012 by Jo and Allison Williams, The Allison Williams Scholarship Fund provides financial assistance to ensure that Trinity is positioned to offer the full experience to qualified applicants.
  • The Erick B. Cormier Scholarship Fund

    The Erick B. Cormier Memorial Scholarship was established in 2007 to support African-American students with exceptional potential. Erick B. Cormier designed the iron front gate at Trinity School.
  • The Goizueta Foundation Scholars Fund

    The Goizueta Foundation established an endowment, The Goizueta Foundation Scholars Fund, to provide scholarship assistance to Hispanic/Latino students whose families currently reside in the United States.
  • Wingfield Ellis Parker Fund

    Established by Robin and Albert Parker and supported by the Ellis family, the Wingfield Ellis Parker Fund helps deserving students receive a Trinity education.
Trinity's commitment to diversity is a proud and deeply rooted tradition. It is our belief that a highly qualified and diverse student body enhances the educational experience for all students, helping prepare them for the larger multicultural society they will someday enter. Endowment funds designated for Financial Assistance provide support to students with outstanding ability and demonstrated need.

In Support of School Programs

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  • Apollo Grant

    Named for the Apollo lunar landing program, the Apollo Grant was established by Marilyn and Jim Black to support the School’s curriculum in science and mathematics. The Grant attracts an inspiring individual, distinguished in math or science, to interact with Trinity students of all ages. It also supports faculty development in math or science or a unique opportunity for student instruction or training.
  • Miriam Griffin Artist-in-Residence Program

    The Miriam Griffin Artist-in-Residence Program was established by Amanda Griffin Hyatt, daughter of the late Miriam M. Griffin (1919-1998) who served as the first head of Trinity School. This program gives students hands-on experiences in the arts and personal exposure to working artists.
  • Overton A. Currie Fund

    The Overton A. Currie Fund was established by Terry (Currie) and Robert Banta and Betty Jo and Anderson Currie as an expression of appreciation to their father, Overton A. Currie. Funds support Trinity’s ethics and values curriculum.
Trinity has long been at the forefront of elementary education. In order to remain so, we must continually evaluate, enhance, and upgrade the most important aspect of our program, our curriculum, to fit our rapidly changing world. Endowment funds in support of school programs enhance Trinity’s curriculum to position our students to lead and serve throughout their lives.

Unrestricted Endowment Support

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  • Unrestricted Endowment Funds

    Trinity has never wavered from the beliefs upon which it was established: that each child can fulfill his or her own unique potential within a nurturing environment that promotes self-discovery, academic excellence, and a deep love for learning. Over the years, Trinity faculty and administrators, in partnership with the extraordinary support of countless others, have cultivated, protected, and celebrated these ideals with steadfast focus. Donors to unrestricted endowment establish named funds to support the top priorities of Trinity School as deemed by the Board of Trustees and the Administration, ensuring that our mission continues to be honored and upheld.

    The Henry, George, and Smith Alford Family Endowment Fund
    The Allegra Family Fund
    The Cunningham Family Fund
    The Ferguson Family Fund
    The Genova Family Fund
    The Herakovich Family Fund
    The Lacey and Bill Jordan Family Fund
    The Klump Family Fund
    The Meyerhoff Family Fund
    The TSPA Fund
If you are interested in learning more about or supporting Trinity's endowment, please contact Margaret Douglas, Director of Advancement.

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    Margaret Douglas 

    Director of Advancement
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