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Summer Activity Ideas For Your Children

The school year has come to an end; both adults and children are excited. Some of you may be looking forward to weeks of rest and reconnection at the beach or in the mountains. For others, these next two months are causing stress. You might be wondering, “What will I do with my child now that school is over? What will I do without camp?” This summer, consider going “old school.” Think about the activities you enjoyed as a child, and introduce those ideas to your own family. Also, remember that it is good for children to learn to entertain themselves.

My best advice is continue to give yourself grace and practice self-care. Parent well-being is critically important for happy and healthy kids. Find time every day to do something that you enjoy, get plenty of rest, and spend some time outdoors. Part of giving yourself grace might mean that your children spend a little more time in front of the screen this summer. That’s okay. Even the American Academy of Pediatrics has loosened their guidelines for the amount of screen time acceptable for kids for the time being. Try to avoid FOMO (fear of missing out) by limiting social media. Maintain your own social connections. Take it day by day and try to find something to savor or be grateful for each day. 

Below are some linked articles full of suggestions to help keep children busy. In addition, the free GoNoodle app is great for fun movement and mindfulness videos and activities.

Rest assured, whatever you do this summer, it will be enough! Have fun and take care.

Ms. P

Erica Pendleton, School Counselor

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