An elementary-only independent school located in Atlanta, serving children ages three through Sixth Grade since 1951.

A Message from Ellen and Buck Wiley, 2017-18 Parent Fund Chairs

Dear Trinity Parents,

We believe one of Trinity School’s greatest assets is its ability to cherish childhood. Through years of fine tuning, the School has mastered the delicate balance of offering rigorous academics while allowing children to be children. Our son has built a strong academic foundation while developing responsibility, leadership skills, and a stronger sense of who he is as a person. At Trinity, learning has been fun and therefore more enriching. It has been a gift to us to watch him hone his strengths in this environment. Our family gives back to Trinity through The Trinity Fund as a way to say thank you to the faculty and staff for their successful efforts.

More than 90% of Trinity’s parents donate to The Trinity Fund each year! Trinity School’s parents are among the most devoted in the country. Parent participation in the School’s annual fundraising speaks volumes for the School’s culture of philanthropy.

We want to thank each of you in advance for carefully considering your support for The Trinity Fund. Our combined generosity allows each Trinity child the opportunity to flourish!

Ellen and Buck Wiley
2017-18 Parent Fund Chairs
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