An elementary-only independent school located in Atlanta, serving children ages three through Sixth Grade since 1951.

Inspire Excellence Donors

Thank you to our Inspire Excellence donors! Trinity School has a proud past, exemplary present, and exciting future – and your generosity helps inspire that future.
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Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Adams
Lea and Ben Adams
Ms. Beverly Dew Allen
Mr. and Mrs. Shaler V. Alias
Mr. and Mrs. John Ambler
Pam and Stewart Ambler
American Endowment Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. F. Weldon Baird
Mr. and Mrs. James S. Balloun
Bank of America
Harriett and Jim Bankston
Charles and Emily Barbour
Christi and Matt Barr
Mr. Frank Barron Jr.
Tara and Matt Bartelt
Lindsay and Brad Bays
Mr. and Mrs. Pearson Beardsley
Lindsay and Jackson Bender
Dana and Will Bickerstaff
Leslie and Jeff Bicksler
Mr. James H. Black and Dr. Marilyn S. Black
Amy and Gary Blase
BNY Mellon Charitable Gift Fund
Mr. and Mrs. David L. Bowlin Jr.
Meaghan and Jared Boyd
Katie and Bryan Bradford
Brand Properties, LLC
Alice and McKnight Brown
Mr. and Mrs. David M. Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Brown
The John and Rosemary Brown Family Foundation
Sara Lib and Walker Brown
Janine Brown and Alex Simmons
Amy and Robb Bryan
Lindsay and Robert Bryant
Laura Elliott and Brian Budnick
Lyndsey and Dan Burton
Mr. Blake Byrnes and Dr. Heather Hipp
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Callahan
Mrs. Sherrie Callaway
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Callaway IV
Dr. Kristin Carothers
Maggie and Russell Carpenter
Mrs. Anne Carson
Brittany and Neil Carter
Ms. Palmer Carter
Mr. and Mrs. Jason Chambers
The Chambers Medical Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Chanin
The Chapman Family
Charities Aid Foundation of America
Mr. Taylor Clark and Mrs. Christi Schenzel Clark
Justin and Betsy Clay
Mr. and Mrs. John Coleman
Community Foundation of Northwest Missouri
The Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta
Greg and Amber Corey
Mr. and Mrs. W. Reynolds Couch
Erica and David Cummings
Rebecca and Chris Cummiskey
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Cunningham
Anil and Isha Damani
Nini and Elliott Davenport
Evelyn and Ernie Davis
Robin and Vanessa Delmer
Dr. and Mrs. Richard Detlefs
Laura and Richard Diamond
Dr. Andrew and Mrs. Alexis Dickerson
Zibby and Ben Doob
The Dougherty Family
Margaret and Tillman Douglas
Laurice and Rod Drews
Ms. Eileen E. DuBose
Mr. and Mrs. William M. Durrett
Mr. and Mrs. Mercer Dye
Laura Elliott and Brian Budnick
Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Ellis Jr.
The Ellis Foundation
Lettie Pate Evans Foundation
The Everest Family
The Everest Family Foundation
Katie and Chris Faussemange
Cindy and John Ferguson
Ms. Kristin Simmons Ferguson
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Robin and Neale Fisher
Kelsey and Casey Flanagan
Ms. Lepora Flournoy
Mr. and Mrs. Brad Foster
The Fraser-Parker Foundation
Pete and Susanna Frayser
Kim and Allen Freisem
Mr. and Mrs. James Frick
Mr. and Mrs. J. Rex Fuqua
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher C. Gabriel
Jillian and Evan Georgiou
Global Payments Direct
Katie and Christopher Godfrey
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Godschalk
Goodman Decorating Company Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Shaun Graham
Emily and Kevin Graney
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Gray
Patrice and Ernest Greer
Annie and Paxton Griffin
John and Jennifer Griffith
Mr. and Mrs. Russell S. Groves
Kara and Matt Guidry
Mr. John Harper and Ms. Cameron Austin
Kat and Steve Harrigan
JB & Lottie Harris Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. C. Lash Harrison
Amy and Jay Harrison
Mrs. Barbara Hartman
Mr. Nathan Hartman and Mr. Chris Sipes
Mrs. Lyn Havard
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Hawkins
The Hawkins Foundations
Heather and Nathan Hayes
Emily and Matthew Heimermann
Elsie and Jim Henderson
Mr. and Mrs. Peter R. Hennessy
Mr. and Mrs. Russell J. Herakovich Sr.
Lila and Doug Hertz
Mr. Roger Hess and Ms. Victoria Perkins
Mrs. Wynn Hickam
Allison and Ben Hill
Tiffany and Pat Hillegass
Anne and Matt Hoff
Allison and Ryan Hubbard
Mr. and Mrs. John D. Hudson
Ms. Florida Huff
Mr. and Mrs. L. Phillip Humann
Humann Family Foundation
Jana and James Illston
Jared and Avani Ingley
Inman Family Foundation
Coco and Oliver Iselin
Ted Itzkowitz and Barbara Cohen
Doug and Kay Ivester
Molly and John Jamieson
Dr. Michael M. Johns
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Jordan Sr.
Allison and Andrew Kang
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen B. Karasick
SatyaGrace Kaskade
Andrea and Mark Kauffman
Kauffman Foundation
Stephen and Nan Kennedy
Rob and Lora Kight
Katie and Chris Kirtley
Katie and Nick Kittredge
Elizabeth and Ryland Koets
Jane and Addison Lanier
Carrie and Whit Lanier
Jenny and Todd Latz
Agnes and Pete Law
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Lesesne
Laney and Rabun Lewis
Blanche Lipscomb Foundation
Claire and Steve Lipson
Dr. Steven Liu and Ms. Elena Chang
Jennifer and Alex Livingston
Nelly and Joseph Lombardo
Alexandra and Craig Lucie
M. Austin Davis Foundation
Sarah and David Mackenzie
Nnenna and Akinloye Makanjuola
Ms. Elvira Mannelly
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Mansfield
Ana-Lisa and Steven Marco
Mr. and Mrs. Talmadge McBrayer
Jenny and Doug McCartney
Kim and Steve McCollam
Ms. Barbara McCormack
Mr. William M. Muller and Ms. Letitia A. McDonald
Wendy and James McIntyre
Catherine and Bill Mealor
Kavita and Ashish Mistry
Kate and Michael Monk
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Montag
Mrs. Marlin D. Moore Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Crawford Moran
Jennifer and Brand Morgan
Mr. and Mrs. John F. Morgan
Anne and John Mori
Morgan Stanley Gift Fund
Morgan Stanley Global Impact Funding Trust
Morgan Stanley Smith Barney Global Impact Funding Trust, Inc.
Natalie and Tony Morreale
Mr. and Mrs. Allen S. Moseley
Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Moseley Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Joel T. Murphy
Stephanie and Street Nalley
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence V. Nalley
Bryce and Lauren Nations
Kristen and Rickie Nelson
Mr. and Mrs. Nick Nicholson
Sarah and Hank Nix
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew D. Niemitz
The Northern Trust Company
Mr. Hugh P. Nunnally Jr.
Ms. Mary H. Nunnally
The Nunnally Foundation Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Sidney J. Nurkin
Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Ogburn
Adeola Ogundele
Sarah and Reid Olsen
Dr. Shervin and Mrs. Kerri Oskouei
Willson and David Overend
Mr. and Mrs. George D. Overend
Jenn and Danny Owens
Marcellus and Aisha Parker
Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Parker
Rajesh Patel and Sarah Park
Keven and Leslie Patterson
Kim and Steve Pearce
Kate and Brad Peterson
Lisa and Edward Pinkston
Barb Pitchford
Mr. and Mrs. Clay G. Prickett
Michelle and Pete Quinones
David and Melissa Ramer
Raymond James Charitable Endowment Fund
Mr. T. Reichert and Dr. U. Nair-Reichert
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas F. Reid
Carli and Steve Reis
Walter H. & Marjory M. Rich Memorial Fund
Tina and Hansell Roddenbery
Deborah and Steve Rogers
Mr. Michael M. Rogers and Dr. Edith M. Rogers
Katie and Brent Rosengren
The Roth Family
Amy and Phillip Russ
Sartain Lanier Family Foundation, Inc. 
Schwab Charitable Fund
Stephanie Selman
Peggy and John Shepard
Mr. Alex Simmons and Ms. Janine Brown
Mr. and Mrs. McKittrick Simmons
Ms. Christine A. Simmons*
Ms. Karen Simmons
Ms. Sarah Simmons
Katherine and Jay Simms
Melody Mann-Simpson and A. Boyd Simpson
Mr. William C. Skeean and Dr. Corinne Erickson
Elizabeth and Boynton Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Brendan P. Smith
Sydne and Malcolm Smith
Lisa and John Snodgrass
Bradley and Richard Sosebee
Mr. and Mrs. Sterling A. Spainhour Jr.
Ms. Ann Speer
The Stephens Family
Catherine and Peter Stewart
Mr. and Mrs. James S. Stokes
Parks and Mallory Stone
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Street
Nancy and Chris Suh
Rosa and Neal Sumter
Synovus Trust Company
Steph and Scott Tarbet
Mr. and Mrs. Ben J. Tarbutton Jr.
Beth and Edward Tate
Laura and Bryan Taylor
Jessica and Ben Teague
Ms. Patricia B. Thomas and Mr. Henry Waszkowski
Amanda and Knox Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. David M. Thornton
Natalie and Fernando Torres
David and Joan Towles
Trinity School Parents' Association
Truist Bank
Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. Tyler
Mr. Ankur Vyas and Dr. Kavitha Bareddy
Dr. and Mrs. Raul Velarde
Allyson and Todd Wandtke
Mary and Tom Watson
Mr. and Mrs. James Watts III
Mr. and Mrs. Mark C. West
Jane and Bill Whitaker
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. White
F. Abbott Whitney, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Floyd M. Wiley III
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Woolfolk
Catherine and Bruce Williams
Sarah and Neal Williams
Mrs. Susan Williams
Katie and Tyler Wolf
Cathy and Gabe Wood
Emily and Steve Wood
The Woodcrest Foundation
Matthew and Anna Margaret Woods
David, Helen and Marian Woodward Fund
Dancy and Charlie Wynne

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    Margaret Douglas 

    Director of Advancement
Campaign Leadership

Inspire Excellence Co-Chairs
TJ and Catherine Humann Callaway ’97 
Melissa and Allen Moseley ’81
Sarah and Neal Williams ’73

Parent Co-Chairs
Libby and Brooks Barge
Erica and David Cummings
Aisha and Marcellus Parker

Committee Members
Julie and Jim Balloun
Dana and Will Bickerstaff
Kit and David Bowlin
Katie and Bryan Bradford
Dorsey and Austin Bryan
Rebecca and Chris Cummiskey
Isha and Anil Damani
Lane and Richard Courts
Courtenay and Chris Gabriel
Annie and Paxton Griffin
Morven and Russell Groves
Nathan Hartman and Chris Sipes
Anne and Peter Hennessy
Molly and John Jamieson
Stephanie and Street Nalley
Stephanie and Austin Stephens
Nancy and Chris Suh
Beth and Edward Tate
Ellen and Buck Wiley
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