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Spring 2018 Special Classes

Trinity's Extended Programs is committed to quality education for young learners. Students are given the opportunity to explore and pursue special interests through a wide variety of class offerings in a supportive and safe environment. 

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  • Policy Statement

    Change, Cancelation, and Late Charge Policy 
    Trinity School reserves the right to cancel any class. Refunds will be issued if a class is canceled. 

    Core classes: Should a change need to be made after the add/drop date, the following rates will apply: 

    Adding after semester begins: Will be charged the $110 rate for the semester or $15 drop-in fee for each day, whichever is less expensive. 

    Dropping a core class after the semester has started: $110 or $15/hour for the time that has been used, whichever is less expensive. 

    Changing the day registered for a core class may be done by emailing the EP office and will take effect the first day of the next month. Drop-in fees will apply before the change is implemented. 

    Late payment for EP charges: Accounts two months or more in arrears will result in the student not being able to attend Extended Programs until the payment is settled with the business office. Upon payment, enrollment may be reinstated with applicable paid tuition and fees. 

    Pick-up after 6 PM: A $15 late fee per child will be charged from 6:01-6:10. After 6:10, the late fee rate is $2 per minute. This fee is paid directly to the staff person who stayed late, either with cash, a check made out to cash, or a check made out to the staff person. A late pick-up fee does not constitute an agreement to provide after hours service.
  • Late Pick-Up Fee

    Extended Programs closes at 6 PM. A $15 late fee per child will be charged for students picked up between 6:01 - 6:10 PM. After 6:10, the late fee is $2 per minute. This fee is due when your child is picked up, and is paid directly to the staff person who stayed late.
  • Extra Hours/Days for EP Students

    Children may “drop-in” on days they are not registered for Extended Programs at the cost of $15 per hour. Please submit carpool changes through School-Pass.

    When your child is “dropping in” you must complete a carpool change.
    You will be billed for the extra hours. A $25 drop-in fee will be assessed if your child drops in during Lunch Bunch.
  • Behavioral Expectations

    Extended Programs follows the behavior and discipline policies outlined in the Trinity Handbook and Directory. Repeated inappropriate behavior may result in suspension from the program.
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