An elementary-only independent school located in Atlanta, serving children ages three through Sixth Grade since 1951.

The Trinity Fund

Tuition alone does not cover the cost of educating a child at Trinity. In fact, 15 percent of every child’s Trinity experience is paid for by philanthropic dollars; only 85 percent is covered by tuition. These numbers underscore the importance of a successful Trinity Fund.

Tax-deductible gifts to The Trinity Fund directly support the teachers and students. Contributions allow Trinity to create and expand learning opportunities through enhancements to the classrooms, upgraded technology, and increased professional development opportunities, to name a few.

Parents, grandparents, alumni, parents of alumni, faculty and staff, friends, corporations, foundations, and trustees support The Trinity Fund. Each year, more than 90 percent of parents contribute to The Trinity Fund with 100 percent participation by the faculty and Board of Trustees. Parent, Board, and faculty participation are extremely important as these participation levels demonstrate the vitality of the school community when Foundations and other outside donors are considering Trinity for grants.
Gifts of all levels are recognized in the Report on Philanthropy that is published each fall.
Due to its status as a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization, Trinity must adhere to IRS regulations for year-end giving. If you wish to mail a check, the postmark must be dated by December 31. If you would like to give by credit card, you can make the transaction online any time until midnight on December 31. Your credit card must be charged in the same tax year in which you want to claim the deduction. To transfer securities, please speak with your financial advisor regarding the appropriate timeframe.

Gates Leadership Society

The Gates Leadership Society is central to the success of The Trinity Fund. The Gates Society is named for the landmark front gates, which mark the entrance to Trinity School’s campus and symbolize the joy and wonder of young children engaged in dynamic learning. Honoring those who support Trinity at such a generous level and who, through their leadership gifts, ensure that Trinity students receive the best possible education year to year, The Gates Society recognizes donors who make annual gifts to the School at the $2,500 level and above.

All members of the Gates Society are honored at an annual leadership reception in the fall.

2017-18 Trinity Fund Volunteers

Parent Fund Chairs                                                                   
Ellen and Buck Wiley                                                                                                                
Early Learners
Meade and Cale Conley
Emily and Matthew Heimerman
Grade Captain: Kelley and Jamie Gilbert
Winnie and Brendan Smith
Olivia and Zach Wall
Tricia and David Collie
Grade Captain: Kimberly and Brett Bartlett
Jack Norton and Clifton Askew
Marcellus Parker
David and Willson Overend
1st Grade
Grade Captain: Nancy and Chris Suh
Holli and Ian Easton
Jessica and Tyler Dempsey
Betsy and Geoff Meacham

2nd Grade
Grade Captain: Alison and Mike Jones
Ashlie and John Graham
Dee and Todd Bennett
Whitney and Ryan Paulowsky
3rd Grade
Grade Captain: Nikki and Skip Wilson
Kereth and Fain Hicks
Avani and Jared Ingley
Ashley and Ben Smith 

4th Grade
Grade Captain: Laura and Allen Graber
Tara and Matt Bartelt
Leslie and Keven Patterson
Sarah and Neal Williams
5th Grade
Grade Captain: Elizabeth and Boynton Smith
Amy and Hardy Brumfield
Clarissa and Drew Owen
Sharie Wang and Jason Ji
6th Grade
Grade Captain: Susan and Trey Reese
Catherine and Charlie Markwalter
Jenny and Todd Latz
Grandparent Fund Chairs
Marilyn and Jim Black
Alumni Fund Chair
Catherine Humann Callaway '97
Parent of Alumni and Friends Fund Chairs
Tina and Hansell Roddenbery 

2018 Trinity Fund Progress

  1. 100
  2. 90
  3. 80
  4. 70
  5. 60
  6. 50
  7. 40
  8. 30
  9. 20
  10. 10
  11. 0
Goal $1,030,000.00
Current $1,000,987.00
Remaining $29,013.00
Goal Participation 100%
Current Participation 95%
As of Date 6/28/2018
Start Date 7/1/2017
End Date 6/30/2018
Last Year Participation 95%
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